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New Hungry Heart chapter released!
After such a long time, here it is - Hungry Heart chapter 5!

So, basically, you see there's no other hope for this project to be finished since it's been more than 3 years now and none of the groups decided to pick this good read up.

If you want to have it completed, you need to actively take part in the process.
We need a French translator and an editor (since my spare time is very limited). This will allow us to release more chapters more frequently.

Anybody willing to help is encouraged to write to me at zei.kichi[at]

We'd also need a cool proofreader since I am no native speaker and cannot do it by myself. Preferably British English user though.

Get the chapter HERE.
15 Dec 2011 by Zei

Download is up

These chapters have been linked for download:
A Book of Dreams 1-2
Hareluya 1-10
Hungry Heart 1
Live 6
Record of the Warrior 1-2
Sword Break 1a&b

And yes, I found one chapter of Hungry Heart.
Any other chapters of these series are long gone.
Who would have expected that chapters of such a great series like Hungry Heart would simply vanish?

13 Nov 2011 by Zei

Gomasuri group is INACTIVE

I just wanted to make sure that everybody is aware that our group is INACTIVE.
Also, I don't have ANY releases we've released. I can put up downloads but I don't have the files in the first place. If you have them, you may send them to my e-mail and I will upload them to the site.

zei.kichi [at]

Also, I don't have Hungry Heart raws. I did scan original volumes for the chapters we've released but I am not able to do that anymore. Sorry!!

We might release something in the future so I will keep the site.
But it won't be anything from our dropped projects' list.

04 Nov 2011 by Zei

Ok, we're starting all over again!
Hello guys, it's been a while.

I'm back and I'll start scanning/editing new chapters of LIVE soon so that we could have the complete series. Also, I'd like to continue on Hungry Heart.

I'm also going to get some stuff which will be translated from German.

The website is currently being fixed as there are a lot of bugs around here.

If you would like to help and you can scan manga (especially German-language manga or manhwa), edit or translate from any language - please contact me through e-mail at [email protected]
13 Oct 2009 by Zei

Welcome to the block of text! We cordially invite You to enjoy the contents of today's update. Hopefully it will be to Your liking. We provide You with a new chapter, numbered four... okay, enough of the formalities!
We bring you another exciting release of the manga you've grown to love: Hungry Heart! Yes, a new chapter - get ready for some serious ball-kicking in this hot football manga!
Also, we're bringing in a new title, "Porando Hishi Ten no Hate Made" by Riyoko Ikeda, known best for its hit series "Lady Oscar" (Rose of Versailles). This historical drama takes place in the 18th Century, and lets us witness the... um, spectacular fall of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Political intigues, love, really despicable people... everything's there. Give it a try, you just might like it!

Visit us at #gomasuri at! We're waiting!
Zei: Please visit our forums in order to get http links for our releases. I can't share files on my file server since I'm behind firewall... You can still try if you want but I can't guarantee that you will connect. So... Please make good use of the forums. Leaving some feedback would be good, too.
01 Feb 2007 by

This a "yo". "Yo" is charming!!

Yes. We're NOT dead! Not yet though.
Hopefully, we can exist as long as possible.

A book of dreams chapter 3: thanks to Julia for translation
and to Yoon.TaeSeong for editing.
LIVE chapter 7: thanks to Tadanohito for translation.

Get them from our IRC channel:
[email protected]

In the next update, expect some Hungry Heart and Ten no hate made (a historical manga drawn by Riyoko Ikeda, the author of "Versailles no Bara").

Is there anyone who can do translations from Japanese/Chinese/Korean and would like to pick up "Wild Life" project? We need a new translator, since the previous one left the team due to lack of time. We'd love to continue this great project! Please help if you can ^_______^.

Also, we need someone who can pick up "Incadescent Moon" since the translator can't work on it anymore. Requirement: you need to know Chinese since it's Chinese comic. Ah, English would be useful, too lol

Interested? Please mail me.

Sona, where are you! We miss you!
Please let me know if you're okay!
I can't mail you because your e-mail account seems to be deleted.
Or something like that O_O

Anyway, please enjoy our new releases!
07 Jan 2007 by Zei

>_> I <_<
Hello there...

I have a brand new Hungry Heart chapter for you guys!
I hope you like it. If you don't - go to hell... No, don't go!

Hungry Heart chapter 3
Thanks to Tadanohito for his hard work on this chapter!!!!

It's been two months since the last update...
I happened to be the only editor around.
I'll say the truth.

Gomasuri is dying!
Don't let that happen and help us out!

What do we need? Please choose ANYTHING from the list above:

A Book of Dreams (Mong Hwan Baek Seo) - editor; the current one is missing in action :( We have a good translator for this project. The problem is that we have no editor who could speed up with the project...
Wild Life - a Japanese/Chinese/Korean/whatever translator; since Rip left the team, we probably won't be able to continue this project as a joint with guys (and gals) from Boku-Tachi...
Proofreader/QCer - English native speaker who is good both at grammar and punctation (just in case lol)

Since sona's disappearing it's only getting worse and worse. If there wasn't Tadanohito by my side, the group would be already dead T_T. So PLEASE! If there are any free editors, translators or proofreaders out there - PLEASE JOIN!

My e-mail addres: [email protected]

Thanks for all your help

Get the newest Hungry Heart chapter from our IRC channel:

[email protected]
09 Dec 2006 by Zei

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